Our key mission is building the business; if needed even from scratch all the way to the global success, regardless of the size of the marketing budget, industry, country of interest; for multi-billion corporation or newcomer start-up venture.

We have access to potential customers, customized Business development, Marketing and Sales solutions you have Products, Services and Back office support, so let's join forces for better company success. With us, it's all about your company moving globally or into a targeted market.

We offer our clients choice and flexibility:

Global expansion

  • World-Wide Experience: Start-Up Global
  • More than 20 years of our experience in the field of global digital business are the key to get your brand expanding anywhere throughout the continents of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

    With us is cheaper and faster than ever, just choose one or all countries across the Global marketplace and let we do the rest. Assigned localization projects will be covered instantly, delivered on time and within the plan that best suits your start-up needs.

  • Development Delivery Plan: 6 - 12 months

Europe expansion

  • Regional Intelligence: Start-Up Europe
  • Our key E-business development, marketing and sales expertise comes from the EU and other European countries in economic transition, additionally with excellent customer and business contacts within transcontinental markets as Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

    While striving for constant progress and growth our goal will not be just to become the next big thing, but to become the biggest.

  • Development Delivery Plan: 3 - 6 months

Regional expansion

  • Local Know-How: Start-Up Adriatic/Balkan (CE Europe)
  • Add our local Know-How to your business and get high-speed expansion approach throughout our "Home Territory": Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Macedonia.

    As your local business executive we can fulfil all Start-up requirements and customer needs instantly. Save TIME and MONEY on people, development and other costs with our exclusive centralized solution.

  • Development Delivery Plan: 1 day - 3 months

Even more;

All needed business investments can be funded exclusively from the revenue generated from targeted market.

We can deliver complete business processes within P&L balance, assigned areas of responsibility and territory.

Global strategy

Globalization, although not a new concept in doing business history, has grown rapidly since the start of the 1980-s, and it's still growing. It brought more potential for companies to expand their operations and gain access millions of consumers in over 100 countries worldwide....

Local execution

Consumers around the globe live and breathe digital life and our ability to offer a products everywhere, that reflects their culture and way of modern life, needs to be the heart of our business. With current technology possibilities anyone can do business anywhere....

More markets less risk

The business concept of free trade is increasing around the globe. Most all of the countries have removed their proactive policies and freed up trade barriers. Expanding in multiple markets can put brand name in front of million potential customers every day....